beproductive.ie is a productivity consultancy based in Dublin, Ireland. We are passionate about helping people be more productive and working with organisations to improve employee wellbeing and performance. Founded in 2017 in response to feedback from clients about increasing stress and ‘busyness’ in the workplace, it offers a unique and personalised set of productivity tips, strategies and ideas.


 In 2022 we launched this Learning Hub to help people boost their Productivity and Time Management skills in their own time. Our self-paced productivity masterclass called 'Turn Busy into Productive' is now available.




Meet your Productivity Consultants


Moira Dunne

Moira is a business/management consultant and co-founder of beproductive.ie. She has expertise in both people and analytical skills and a range of topics including Productivity, Team Development, Strategic Planning, Project Management, Change Management, Capacity Planning, Competency Development, Performance Management, KPI Analysis and Reporting. She has extensive experience working with Executives and Top Teams developing strategy and providing coaching. She delivers a suite of business skills training using a dynamic practical interactive approach.

Moira started her career as an R&D research scientist with Glaxo Smith Kline in the UK which led to a training role in laboratory robotics technology. On returning to Ireland she established her own IT training business in Athlone before a relocation to Dublin prompted her to take up a broader HR, Training and Strategic Planning Consultant role with Friends First. Moira worked with Olas IT through their expansion from 5 to 15 employees in a HR and Training Manager role. She worked with Hosca Management Consultants on training and change management assignments. Moira worked with the Health Products Regulatory Authority over a 10 year period on many transformation projects including Performance Management, Process Improvement, Capacity Planning, Workflow Systems, Organisational Redevelopment and Project Management Office setup. She currently runs beproductive.ie while working on occasional projects with PWC and CJH Networks.

Moira is a mentor for Fingal Local Enterprise Board and the Inspire Programme and is an approved Productivity Specialist with Enterprise Ireland. She writes on Productivity for numerous publications and websites including Thinkbusiness.ie, Briefly, the magazine of the Chartered Accountants Institute of Ireland and hrheadquarters.ie.

She is passionate about working with organisations and their people to help them be productive, and to help them define, measure and improve their productivity. Here she shares her motivation, "what gives me the most satisfaction in my working day is if I can impart some knowledge and tips to help people."

Ann Kelly

Ann Kelly is co-founder and partner of beproductive.ie. Ann has over 20 years’ experience as a business consultant in Public Affairs. She worked both as part of an international team of consultants and independently providing clients with strategic advice, training and consultancy on EU and Irish policy in Brussels and Dublin. She worked with companies on a broad range of policies including technology, environment, finance, healthcare and food & beverage. Ann has a broad network of business and consultancy contacts across the globe. Ann worked for the European Commission in Brussels on training of managers of SMEs and in Dublin as a national expert on industrial relations. She was a Founder and Director of Understanding Europe, a Dublin based company which provided practical training on the working of the EU Institutions, legislation and policy to professionals. Ann lectured part-time in public relations and public affairs at Dublin City University School of Communications and EU Policy at the National University of Ireland, Maynooth.

She is passionate about lifelong learning and training and holds a graduate certificate from UCD School of Innovation; a diploma in Strategic Sustainability from Blekinge Institute of Technology, Sweden; a Higher Diploma in European Policy from Bruges, Belgium and training certificates from the IMI.

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